Plantables. Three syllables of simplicity and it’s the first thing you’ll think of when you get your first box. Simple.

JoeGoPhoto commercial product photography for Plantables

Imagine the entire garden arriving at your doorstep and all you need to do is add water. Beautiful packaging with easy instructions and clever puns that will keep you smirking all the way to the first rinse of your first harvest. While shooting these products, I was amazed at not only the variety but the vibrancy of each plant. Who doesn’t enjoy fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits? One click on Amazon or their amazing website and vegetation that took a lot of patience and TLC arrives ready to plant roots. Again, simple as simple can be. Someone worked hard to grow this plant, you just nurture it the rest of the way and take all the credit. Check them out at – oh, and shipping is Free!

JoeGoPhoto product photography for PlantablesJoeGoPhoto product photography for PlantablesJoeGoPhoto product photography for Plantables